Five skills every Facility Manager needs for success

There are several skills and qualifications that every Facility Manager needs to take on the role. Whether you need a diploma or a degree, every position likely has minimum requirements that need to be met. Your employer may focus on your technical skills, but there are also other skills you need as a Facility Manager to be successful. These skills will support the specialised skills required for your job to help you achieve success.

People skills

Facility Managers spend a lot of time working with contractors and service providers, so they need good people skills. People skills are defined as the ability to interact with others respectfully and effectively. You may be the one managing the team, but you’ll need to work well with your colleagues to get your tasks done at the end of the day. You can build trust, respect and create a productive work environment with good people skills.


Flexibility is the ability to adjust to changes in the workplace and a willingness to take on new challenges without being overwhelmed. It may not be in your nature to change your plans or adapt to new situations, but being flexible can help you manage your work, and it shows your employer that you’re dependable, even when work isn’t going according to plan. To become more flexible, focus on accepting what you can’t change and keep the end goal in mind. Choose to take on new challenges with confidence – you may find that your attitude towards unexpected situations will become more positive.


Without good communication skills, you wouldn’t get your tasks done. As a Facility Manager, you need to accurately communicate with your staff, contractors, project managers, and suppliers so that the buildings and facilities you oversee are well-maintained. While verbal communication is essential to share ideas or messages effectively, good written communication is just as important. As your job involves putting together maintenance reports and keeping a record of building inspections, you’ll need to write effectively to communicate the work that needs to be done meticulously.

Time management

Time is one of your most valuable assets. You’ll need to manage it well to attend to maintenance jobs, unexpected emergencies and keep the properties you oversee in good shape. You can do a few simple things to manage your time well. Before your day starts, put a plan of action in place to give your day structure and help you meet your deadlines. You can also set a time limit for every task on your schedule to help you keep track of the time spent on every job. Make delegating a priority rather than an option. Let your team take on some of your responsibilities, so you can focus on assignments that need your attention.

Analytical thinking

Analytical thinking is the ability to examine data systematically and logically to identify challenges and solve problems. It’s an essential skill for any Facility Manager to develop as it can help you solve problems quickly and effectively. You can improve this skill by reading more books, playing brain games, practising problem-solving, finding a creative outlet, or exercising to enhance brain function. When you need to identify problems and find solutions, you can use a tool like Facility Management Software to get reports and data to help you make well-informed decisions.