Make Your Direct Mail Flow From Outside to Inside

If you want your direct mail piece to be one of the 66% that gets opened and read rather than the 44% that gets thrown away unopened, you’ll have to design a compelling outer envelope among many other things. It is hard to say, however, how much of the 66% just gets opened and thrown away with no response from the recipient.

One of the most important parts of a direct mail envelope and letter set is that everything on the piece flows. If the outside of your envelope is compelling enough for the person to open it, you don’t want to disappoint them with a boring, white letter on the inside as this will lose their attention immediately. Here are some tips to making everything, and I mean everything! in your direct mail flow:

1) Design your own stamp
While this may still be on the outside of the envelope, it is a special touch you can give the letter, or even postcard, to attract a potential customer’s attention. It will showcase your creativity and attention to detail, as most people aren’t even aware that designing your own postage stamp is a possibility!

Using a live stamp in itself can greatly increase the percentage of opened letters, but having a personalized stamp says so much more. There are certain USPS approved design studios that can help you design your own stamp that you can then purchase for a little more than a regular stamp.

2) Match the concepts on the envelope and inner letter
Make sure that you use both the inside and outside of the envelope to sell and make both compelling. WARNING… if you make false or irrelevant statements to get the recipient to go inside the envelope you loose all creditability and drive the prospect further consequently, you’ll never make a sale. Be honest from the beginning. Make sure you follow through on the inside with whatever you said on the outside.

3) Graphics match outside and inside
Continuity is the key. The words need to match, and so do the graphics. There is nothing more disconcerting than a complete break between the envelope that first attracted you and the letter you see when you rip it open. Once again you loose your audience in confusion rather then reel them in.

Several products can help you put together a super mailer. You can purchase little graphics like hand-drawn doodles (the product named Doodleopes is an example) to go on the outside of the envelope to draw people in and identical looking doodles to go on the inside. Not only do these help your direct mail flow, but they attract attention to the correct parts of the sales letter and make your company seem unique and creative!

4) Name/logo reflective of product
This may seem obvious, but the same product name and logo need to go on every part of your direct mail from the envelope to the letter inside to any postcard you may send. Nothing will make you look more untrustworthy than a weird, disconnected name and logo.

In fact, making your product’s name and logo reflective of the actual product is not just a direct mail campaign worry. It’s important the name and logo match to increase sales and ensure that the customer knows what they’re buying. A confused customer will lead to the direct mail being thrown straight in the garbage can.

Does Using Direct Mail And Direct Marketing Still Work Well For Business?

Direct marketing has a very simple meaning; it means that the marketing is done directly by the company to the people. This type of marketing is done without the involvement and help of a third person. Experts consider it the best way to market for products. It is the company’s way to have communication with its clients and customers. Many experts think that the direct marketing companies and direct mail companies will be here in the market for a long time and they will be staying there for even longer.

With internet and mobile technology increasing day by day direct marketing companies and direct mail companies have found new ways of persuasion. The direct marketing is done through informational text messages and emails and then there is the social networking websites that are opening new ways for companies to perform this type of marketing with people first hand. Well this type of marketing is benefiting both the company and the clients. The companies are saving a lot of money with direct marketing. They do not need to put up banners and commercial ads for their product and will save on their budget.

Of course, they have to advertise their products and the direct approach has always worked well. The company can focus directly on developing quality products. A relationship is built between the client and the company. They use the feedback they get from their clients, make improvements in their products, and make new products and improved products with the suggestions that they receive. This ensures a bigger following and more customers that will be honest and stay with the company. The open relationship between client and company ensures positive feedback, but if the product has any faults then the company can solve these should a customer makes any complaints.

With social networking sites all the rage and email being available, the technology exists to make it possible to receive customer reviews in mere seconds after launching a campaign. It is the best way to evaluate the strategies the company might or will be using in the future. The company can use its full resources with the marketing system and get results that meet their expectations. It opens new ways and opportunities for the company and the customers. By using this sort of marketing companies and direct mail companies, many businesses have seen great improvements. The opportunity to impress their clients has never been this good for companies.

Ecommerce has its own advantages and disadvantages but direct marketing has taken it to new levels and it is still seeing greater returns day by day. The promotions are done through this system as well as advertising. The company can show off their best products in an open way. They can extend these promotions and advertisements with this type of marketing and increase their customer rating and reviews with its help. With time, the world changes and so do the marketing strategies but this marketing will remain the same because this system is timeless.

Direct Marketing And How To Make It Profitable During Tough Economic Times

Hi, I am a direct marketing specialist that has helped hundreds of direct marketers grow their businesses. You do not know me, but after reading my views on direct marketing during an economic slowdown, I believe it can give you business an edge in taking market share from your competitors.

Today the consumer is being financially squeezed by many economic realities. Soaring gas prices a slowing economy, and job insecurities, just to highlight a few. All this is currently having a very negative impact of the consumer’s mindset for spending. Odds are your company is also feeling the consumer’s anxiety about the future. When I talk to some of the clients I do work for, they have told me that their web sales and response rates have declined, or at best are treading water. The same holds true for the traditional mailers. They are also experiencing consumer pessimism that is reflected in lower response rates.

OK, so does this mean that you have to hunker down and accept all this as the reality of the times for doing business? Absolutely not …But most direct marketers unfortunately will. The enlightened few will view it differently and become proactive, and embrace the challenges.

“Keep on doing what your doing in direct marketing and you’ll keep on getting what your getting in declining sales and profits”

Today savvy direct marketer realizes that the status quo of what worked during the good times isn’t working so well anymore. Hundreds of thousand of companies are competing on the web and via traditional direct mail for the consumer’s discretionary income. Many are destined to fail. Survival of the fittest is being played out, and the marketers who DO NOT make direct marketing refinements will become extinct.

So exactly what can you do to help guarantee that our company not only survives, but also takes market share from the competition?

To begin with you must make absolutely sure that your direct marketing efforts utilize all the responsive techniques that have prove to drive sales. Direct marketing is paying explicit attention to the details of the business, especially now. The day of “lets run it up the flag pole and see how it flies” is long gone. Today it is making positively sure that you have the three basic RIGHTS of direct response in place, or your company is destined to fail.

The three basic RIGHTS that must be in place are:

RIGHT #1: You must have the right copy that talks to the customer NOT at them. It must emotionally engage them and give them compelling benefits of your products and how it will help THEM. Does your copy utilize “YOU” or “YOUR” as much as is feasible? Does each product have a benefit headline? Do you utilize words (under seven letters is best) that the customer will actually understand? Do you answer all the questions in the customer’s mind that could be a potential roadblock to a sale? It’s your job to remove all the roadblocks that would deter a response.

RIGHT #2: The right creative, teamed with the right colors and graphics are essential to getting a response. Does your creative and graphics actually help to sell the product, or do they detract from it? Do the photos you use reflect you’re demographic, and do they add to the enhancement of the copy in obtaining a response? Do the colors you use on your site, or in your mail pieces turn on response emotions or do they turn them off? Certain colors evoke specific feelings; this should not be left to chance. The type you use, and how it is displayed directly affects sales. Type that is NOT black, or that is reversing out of a background has statistically proven in tests to be harder to read, and slower to comprehend which is a roadblock to a sale. Are you using Sans Serif type in your electronic marketing? It is easier to read on a computer screen. The last thing you want is for a potential customer to click away because they can’t read your type or it is to small in point size.

RIGHT#3: The right product with the right prices is vital. Customers are like a peregrine falcons. They scan multiple sites and catalogs to find the right product that is priced right, with the right shipping charge, and right guarantee. 30% (or more!) of the customers on your file are on your competitors files. Products priced right? Do you offer two for pricing? If you have exclusive proprietary products do you note it? Do you offer incentives for large orders, for example like free shipping, a free gift, or bonus coupons for future orders? Do you use testimonials about your products or company to melt away the customer’s cynicism?

If you get all three of the RIGHTS listed above right your chances of getting the response is almost guaranteed. If you miss just one of the RIGHTS it can be a no sale and your clicked away, or your mail piece is resigned to the circular file.

Hey I do not have all the answers, but I have been totally involved in the direct marketing for over three decades. I have helped hundreds of direct marketers grow their businesses and profits. I know how to write responsive copy that moves people, and in turn moves sales. I know how to make sure all the RIGHTS are in place, so as to help guarantee a response. I know what is needed creatively from a direct marketing standpoint to move a customer to take action and respond.
Questions for YOU?

Are your sales at this time where you want them to be? Are you happy with your direct response results? Are you 100% sure your have done everything to employ proven direct marketing principles to grow your business and assure it’s future?

If you cannot definitely say “YES” to these questions, they maybe we should have a chat.