Brand Vs Direct Response Marketing

In business there are 2 main ways to market your business – you can choose either brand marketing or direct response marketing. And in the next few minutes I’m going to show you which one is probably better for your business, and why.

But first let me explain the difference between the 2.

Brand marketing is something you’d typically see businesses on TV use, such as Coke or Nike. They don’t do any direct selling but instead simply try to get the “brand” stuck in your head so whenever you think of, for example, shoes, you would think of Nike first.

On the other hand, direct response marketing is when you test every aspect of your marketing to find out exactly what return on investment you’re getting. For example, if you’re direct response marketing one thing you might do is send out direct mail and set it up so that you can track the exact response you get from that and determine how much money you made back from whatever you spent getting the list and sending the letters out.

So, which is better?

Well, unless you have pockets the size of the Grand Canyon, direct response marketing is better in nearly 99% of the cases.


It’s simple really. Because you get to find out EXACTLY what marketing methods are making you money, and exactly which ones aren’t! This is something you don’t typically get to do with brand marketing because, well, there’s no way to test it.

However, there is actually a way to combine the 2 so you can get the benefits of both. How would that sound?
Here’s how you do it.

First you’ll need to create what’s called a “USP” (unique selling proposition). In layman’s terms, a USP is what makes you stand out from your competitors.

Do you offer a lifetime guarantee on your services? That might be a great USP for your business. Or maybe your club is the only health club with a certain piece of equipment that your target market wants. Your USP would then reflect that.

So then you take that USP and inject it into all of your marketing. For example the USP Dominos used to have is “pizza delivered in 30 minutes or it’s free”. They then put that into all of their marketing so people would remember them easier. It’s kind of like a jingle you hear on the radio which make phone numbers easier to remember, you’re just putting it in print.

So say for example you’ve rented a list of 5,000 names of individuals you think would be interested in joining your health club. In your direct mail piece, you would make sure to base that letter on your USP. That way you can both track the response from the direct mail piece, plus you’re branding yourself with your unique selling proposition which will in turn make them think of you when they think of a health club.

It’s a win-win situation and can do tremendous things for your business. I recommend taking 30 minutes every day to simply sit down and brainstorm various USP’s you can use for your business. Get creative, people love it!

Home Based Network Marketing Can Work For You

Does home based network marketing work? Yes, sure it does. Ordinary folks like you and me have left lucrative jobs and successful careers to start their own home based network marketing and have become very successful.

Network marketing also known, as multi-level marketing is a process that combines direct selling with franchising that is recruiting more people to sell the products you are selling. You get paid a commission when the people you recruit sell products in turn. If you have enough people in your home based network marketing downline, chances are you can sit back and relax while your downline earns for you! This is not always true.

The first part is direct selling. To get an income in the first few months you need to focus on selling the products directly to a wide range of customers. If your product is good you will most likely get repeat customers. These people are sold on your product. This is a good time to recruit them. Show them how they can profit from your home based network marketing company by selling your products and earning a commission.

For a sustained income you need a lot of recruits in your down line. So, how do you go about recruiting new people to buy your product and also become your enthusiastic resellers? That way you can have more income coming in. There are a lot of sources from where you can get people to your business. One is through advertising. You need budget and a good ad copy to get qualified leads who will become your customers.

A great source for getting free traffic is the Internet. Write good quality, informative articles and get free targeted traffic to your home based network marketing system. Another, very popular and easy method of getting enthusiastic new recruits is having your own blog.

Home based business does not end with recruiting a downline though that is a major part of it. Your downline is the most important part of your home based network marketing system. So nurture them, train them; keep them enthusiastic about the work to be done. You need to keep your skills updated and teach your recruits new and successful methods of selling and earning more money. If a technique works, repeat it and teach it to your downline to expand your success exponentially. Keep testing and drop the techniques that no longer work.

Your home based network marketing success won’t be long term if you sit back and relax on your achievements. It needs continues and long term effort. To get massive success you need to take massive action. There is just no alternative to hard work even if it is your own home based network marketing business.

Offline Marketing For Online Businesses – Killer Ideas For Instant Profits

Most people who run Internet-based businesses know a lot about marketing their services and products through the web. However, those are only a few of the marketing options you have available. Below are some ideas for offline marketing for online businesses.

Direct Mail

One of the oldest marketing methods is direct mail. With this method, you send some type of mailing to potential clients. You usually incorporate some type of tracking system in the mailing so you can determine how successful the campaign is.

For example, if you sell a weight loss product you might mail postcards to customers who have purchased other products from you in the past. Offer a 10% discount on the product when they enter a code written on the postcard into the online order form. This lets you see how much orders that campaign is generating. Direct mail is definitely one of the most effective ideas for offline marketing for online businesses.

Yellow Pages

Another standard method of offline marketing for online businesses is to purchase space in the Yellow Pages. For example, if your online business is a resume writing service you might want to advertise in the Yellow Pages of several cities around your home base.

You could also choose to advertise in Yellow Pages in bigger cities or in cities you know are having a big unemployment rate. If you need to have a local address to purchase the space, then rent a post office box and have your mail forwarded to your main address. The good news is that offline marketing for online businesses can generate very positive results.